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Warrior Reveal

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Fate whispers to the Warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”      The Warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.”

The eternal Winter of the Skels is harsh and relentless, but so are we. Each day in the Skels is a war against the elements, and the powerful lessons the icy winds teach are ingrained in our body and minds. We come from all walks of life—from the pride of a noble family, to the blood-thirsty mercenary, to the farmhand wielding his father’s blade—but we all fight for one thing: survival. Everything in the Skels is stacked against us: mages wield powerful spells that can turn a man to ice or cause his flesh to wither; giants roam the land and crush even the mightiest hero underfoot, and a single lapse in judgment can lead to a frozen demise and an eternity as a Winterlost. However, the disadvantages we face have shaped us into grizzled combatants. There is always a path to victory, and we will find it, no matter the cost.

Duck by Mario Vazquez

We wield two weapons, favoring axes and swords but making do with anything available. Some of us may elect to wield a shield instead, but a well-made shield is a luxury few can afford. We don’t have powerful magic or supernatural strength to aid us, but even the most fearsome Winterborn is hard pressed to draw upon their Winter magic with two blades in their chest. Our arms and armor are traditionally passed down from parent to child, some of us entering battle with equipment far older than we are. We take immense pride in these relics, some even entering the annals of myth, sung about by Skalds around campfires. While those of us from noble houses may don heavier armor, most make do with hardened leathers and the occasional chain shirt, some even fighting in scraps looted from previous battles. Haughty Watchers think their magical crystal blades powerful, but we’ll take battle-tested iron over Winter-fueling artifacts any day.

Charge by Septimius Ferdian

Magic is the cause of the Winter we find ourselves beset by, and as a result we tend to be a deeply superstitious folk. To protect ourselves against the magical foes we face in combat, we wear protective charms and talismans, and we are immediately distrustful of Cryomancers, Witches and others that wield foul sorcery. Even our Druidic brethren look down on us at times, confident in their command of nature over a trusty blade. However, just as magic should be feared, so too should our wrath. A great many have believed their corrupted strength sufficient to defeat us, mistaking our lack of magical talent for weakness.

A great many have been fatally mistaken.

Fight with Honor by Wasan Techawibulchai


Warriors revel in battle, favoring close-range, one on one duels to the death. Their card set includes many efficient attacks, capable of burying their opponent in a flurry of sustained damage. As a range 1 class, Warriors have no particular focus in offense or defense, and boast powerful cards from both strategies. Their balanced fighting style makes them tough to take advantage of, luring enemies into fights they can’t win. The two primary keywords that fuel their assault are Mitigate and Frenzy.

The bread and butter of the Warrior's play style is fast and strong damage.

To a Warrior, defense is just as important as offense. They have numerous options to stave off attacks, ranging from active interaction to passive protection with Mitigate. Both strong enough to withstand a beating and agile enough to move when necessary, no others can match the versatility of a Warrior’s guard. Just when the enemy thought to land their most powerful attack, these masters of war duck, counter and block, proving skill and patience the victor. With their arsenal of iron chain and wooden shield, they stand toe to toe with even the mightiest of Giants.

Blocking just a little damage can be the difference between life and death.

In the final turns, Warriors are at their most deadly. Frenzy renders cards much more powerful later in the game, when at least one player has used their Second Wind. After the enemy has exhausted their options, bested by armor and prowess, Warriors are ready to end it. High damage Frenzy cards are brutal finishers, spending power saved up over the course of battle to quickly cut foes down. A Warrior assaults with a steady stream of damage, testing defenses first, then finishes the fight when given their window. 

While defenses are down, Dismember can end the battle quickly.

When the Evershore calls, split your lungs with blood and thunder as the Warrior!

Snag a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Class!

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