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Enchantress | Mechanics

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Enchantresses are the second multi-colored specialization in Calbria, their colors white and red. They are Sorcerers that prefer the subtle and treacherous side of magic, outcast from society for their unacceptable practices.

These mistresses of manipulation wait for the perfect opportunity to trap unsuspecting victims. They lie and deceive to reach their goals. Some seek to entrance a man to love them forevermore, and others have machinations to take over the realm itself. Regardless of whether their goals are lofty or humble, one slip of resolve in the heart and mind can allow her wicked intent in.

Creating Terrain every turn grants a substantial amount of control over the battlefield itself.

Enchanted Terrain is similar to Difficult Terrain from Winterstorm. It is created by various card effects, and has a more subtle effect on the game. If a tile already had Difficult Terrain and is made Enchanted Terrain, the Enchanted Terrain overwrites it, and vice versa.

After a player enters a tile with Enchanted Terrain, they gain 1 power, and the Enchanted Terrain is removed. Enchanted Terrain is ever shifting, changing solely by players moving around the board. It can encourage or discourage you from moving in certain directions, and enable combos that you previously didn't have the resources for. Many cards from both Winterstorm and Calbria refer to Terrain instead of a specific type—you can use either type of Terrain to benefit from those effects.

While Enchanted Terrain is an inherently beneficial effect, it can become a deadly curse to be near while in the realm of an Enchantress. For her, it is a boon. The strategy of the Enchantress revolves around where she chooses to place Enchanted Terrain, and how she intends to use it.

It is possible to use the Terrain only for its benefits, choosing to run from your foes and gaining the power for yourself. It is also possible to lure opponents into your trap, and after they are near terrain, punishing them while you have the most power over them.

Positioning one's foe is a powerful tool in the hands of an Enchantress.

Much of the Enchantresses' strength comes from the ability to keep her foes right where she wants them. Whether it be moving a foe closer to one of your own tile auras, away from Enchanted Terrain you'd like to gain yourself, or into a position to set up another combo, the results can be devastating.

If the fools do manage to get in range and begin their assault, the Enchantress is no stranger to quick thinking.

Being Heroic and both Silencing and Disarming at Instant speed covers a lot of ground. There isn't much that can escape the mesmerizing voice of an Enchantress.

Truly, the Enchantresses' power lies in her control over the board. When allowed to gain dominion for too long, her grasp over the realm will be beyond her foe's control.

When playing with My Realm, it is ideal to build a deck that slowly controls the game until the Terrain generation is overpowering. More Enchanted Terrain is created for you to utilize, while even if they wish to gain the benefits of it, they will suffer.

Every rose has its thorns.

The Terrain around the Enchantress is her escape, laughing all the way.

Not only is each tile with Terrain a boon for the Enchantress, it is also potentially a method for her to escape your grasp. As an Enchantress, you'll need to position yourself carefully in order to have the means to escape (or chase!) your pesky foe before they've accepted you as their mistress.

While the Enchantress may have many tricks up her sleeve, playtime eventually ends and she grows tired of the squabble. When she does, she can lock the mind of her foes with a culmination of her Terrain generation.

Your foes are at their most vulnerable while surrounded by Terrain.

Ranging from a decent attack all the way to a crippling swing, Ensorcell's power is directly linked to how much Terrain is near them. Build up as much Terrain as you can, and wait for the perfect moment to strike and render them unable to lift a finger to hurt you!

Enchantresses are well suited to a slower play style that attempts to control the battlefield and win slowly, but their Enchanted Terrain generation also offers them the means to gain power quickly and begin a relentless assault with proper resource management.

Try combining them Sorcerer and Unleash to benefit from the substantial amount of power you'll be gaining, or with Knight to quest for relics and win with blade as well as charm!

Because Terrain is backwards compatible, there are also Enchantress decks out there that utilize Difficult Terrain to great effect instead of Enchanted Terrain. Try it out!

Play as the charming and treacherous Enchantress in Ivion, the Herocrafting Card Game!

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