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Illusionist | Mechanics

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Illusionists are the third multi-colored Specialization in Calbria, their colors blue and green. They are rogue agents from the foreign realm of Alta, come to shape the Ley in their unique way.

These mischievous casters employ tricks to confuse and mislead their foes in battle. What is true and what is false is a question that may take too long to answer before their life is taken. In Calbria, the Illusionists act as guests, proper and noble—however, some have nefarious motives, while others do not. When an Illusionist stays at court, which intentions are pure and even what is real must be questioned.

Illusionists excel at quick hits, further empowering their illusions against their foes.

Each strike from an Illusionist sends the mind into a spiral of confusion. Which vase is here and which is not? Shattered glass flies outward, each reflection granting vision to another, false reality... or do you look into the real while trapped in the fake?

The Illusionist is capable of locking down their foes in control quickly with small attacks, then either amplifying the results with powerful control cards, or simply continuing the assault over many turns, wearing them down over time.

What does the Illusionist offer to uniquely take advantage of Confuse?

Each copy of Mind Spike triggers Confuse, and you can play a lot of Mind Spikes in a single game.

Mind Spike, and lots of them! Paired with a Crystal Blade or simply used for its own strengths, this card can overwhelm a foe quickly. Combined with Quicken from Wizard, an Instant-speed Mind Spike (or any attack, for that matter) can Meta-Counter cards that they throw out via the Confuse trigger.

But sometimes, even that isn't enough.

Echoes can quickly spiral out of hand for your foes, causing your damage to shatter reality.

Paired with Mind Spike, Echoes can deal a substantial amount of damage. Each copy adds another instance of bonus damage relative to the copies of the attack in your discard, so stack 'em up!

Get enough Echoes and enough copies of your attacks in your discard, and soon your enemies will be lost behind a piece of shattered glass lying on the carpet of an unlit room.

So, we've got some cards that support a quick game plan. But what can Illusionist do to really make things crazy?

What Feats will you steal from your opponents? There are endless possibilities!

Depending on what Feats your opponent plays, Puppeteer can inconvenience them, or simply destroy their strategy. They'd better hope they have some means to Destroy it!

It can also create new synergies for you that you might not have considered before. Say goodbye to color restrictions on Traits, and the days of 'only having one Ultimate'. Illusionists don't prescribe to reality.

After you've made them nervous, let them dig their own grave with Schism.

Unfortunately, Puppeteer has a hefty cost. Luckily, costs don't mean as much when you can bend the world to your will. However, this power is reliant on the perception of your enemies. What do they perceive to be true? Well, whichever direction you steer them in, of course. They're your puppet.

We haven't seen a direct method of Exhausting your opponent to win the game, and Phantasma has come to enable that. What kind of Exhaust decks will you make?

Play as the unnerving and mischievous Illusionist in Ivion, the Herocrafting Card Game!

You can find Ivion on Kickstarter September 1st, 2020. Scroll down to subscribe to more updates!

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