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Craft your hero.

Reach for glory.

A Dueling Card Game

2 or 4


30 min.




The Ultimate Battle Experience

Enter a pain-stakingly crafted arena card game where you'll need every tool at your disposal to pull ahead. Tread lightly, for you'll find no mercy here.

Craft your Hero

Construct a character hell-bent on defeating anything that crosses their path with the Herocrafting system. An epic fantasy fighter of your creation is ready to be unleashed.

Deck Construction Anchor

Navigate the Battlefield

Close the gap with precisely executed assaults or keep your foes away with deadly traps and magical rifts. The battlefield is ever-changing according to your capabilities.

Tile Movement Anchor
Hand Management Anchor

Prepare Your Combo

Construct the perfect hand of cards over time, ready and waiting for the moment to strike when they're least prepared. When that moment comes is up to you.

Resource Management Anchor

Give No Quarter

Revel in the ebb and flow of battle with the innovative action and power system. Spend and gain two unique resources to culminate in massive attacks at any stage of the game.

Control System Anchor

Let No Strike Go Unanswered

Simply dealing damage will not be enough. You'll need to utilize the revolutionary Control system to Slow your foe's advance, Silence their foul magic, and Disarm their savage attacks.

Arena 2v2 Anchor

Bring a Battle Brother

Play with Achievements, make a crazy Paragon character, or play the ruthless 2 versus 2 Arena mode where each mistake could be your last.

Hunt for Glory

IVION is quick, strategic, and brutal. Welcome to the most intense and rewarding battle card game experience on the market.

Join the fray in our next expansion, on Kickstarter Today!

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