Errant | Mechanics

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Errants are the first of three multi-colored specializations in Calbria, their colors white and gray. They are Knights that have not yet learned the true meaning of honor, choosing instead to seek glory in battle.

The steel of an Errant sits impatiently in their hilts. They smile when they must 'resort' to violence to bring rogue mages and petty brigands to justice. Their masters look down upon them and shake their heads, unsure of whether they will ever reach their full potential or not. However, to an Errant, nothing matters but the speed at which they can draw their blade.

You'll be attacking more often than not. The extra cards are a welcome sight.

Like some of their predecessors from Winterstorm, Errants are a fast-paced, low-defense specialization that revolves around constantly pressing the attack. Many of their cards target an enemy in melee, so you'll have to get close and personal to benefit from Errantry.

The specialization itself has little means of generating card value, and must rely on the strength of their ultimate to carry the day. Luckily, their other cards have different strengths...

Firstly, you'll need to get there.

Slowing down an Errant isn't usually a fantastic strategy.

Heroic Travel cards have been conspicuously absent from Calbria, but it manifests here as To Battle in Errant. It's very important for you to be in melee range, and To Battle easily provides that.

Additionally, it does not require you to be at any range. You can simply use it whenever you need to generate power, whether you're across the battlefield or already up close.

What do you do once you get there? Bring out the plethora of low-cost Attack cards that Errants have at their disposal!

Errants deal most of their damage via a thousand cuts.