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Survivalist Reveal

They had come to her seeking training. Some looked fresh out of their swaddling clothes, some seemed like seasoned veterans. Sevi paced in front of them, a stern look on her face. She approached the first of her students, a blond, bearded, broad-shouldered man with a smarmy smile on his scarred face.

Sling Rock - Wojtek Depczynski

“You’re in the middle of climbing a mountain when you see a Winterstorm quickly approaching, what do you do?”

“I find a cave to take—”

“Wrong! Now you’re dead,” Sevi exclaimed, poking him in the chest for emphasis. “Can anyone tell me why Erickson is now deceased?”

“Wyverns live in mountain caves, and if there’s a Winterstorm coming, they’ll be there, ma’am.”

“How astute, Jholston. You might actually make it. Tell me, if you’re starving in the woods and you come across a bush with round, pink berries, what do you do?”

“I ignore them in search of—”

“Wrong. Jholston avoided the wyvern cave only to die of starvation.” She said, addressing the various fortune and glory seekers.

“But ma’am, alderberries are poisonous,” Jholston objected.

“You are correct. However, if you mash and boil them they turn into a sour, but edible, paste,” Sevi responded. “What other poisonous plant is useful if used as an ointment?”

Wild Medicine by Septimius Ferdian

The row of would-be Survivalists avoided her eyes. She strode down the line to face a younger woman.

“Ranveig, was it? Do you know what plant I could be speaking of?”

“No, ma’am,” Ranveig replied meekly.

“Why don’t you give a guess?”


Sevi raised her eyebrow and nodded, “hillstar makes for an excellent ointment… if you’re trying to make your skin slough off. Tell me Ranveig, is that what you want?”

“N-no, ma’am!”

“Then the plant you’re looking for is Dimweed,” Sevi pivoted on her heel and faced the group. “Does anyone know why I’m asking you such difficult questions?”

There was a silence before Jholston raised his hand, “to show us our mistakes and teach us?”

“Exactly. If you think I’m being harsh, the Winterstorms you’ll be entering will be tougher. There’s a reason gathering Winter Crystal isn’t a very popular profession. I want you to make mistakes here, where it won’t kill you. When I’m done with you, you will know how to use everything to your advantage,” Sevi pulled out one of her axes and threw it to the ground. “Now, let’s see how you fight.”

Axe Strikes by Septimius Ferdian


Survivalists are a Green and Gray Specialization. They have mastered the treacherous peaks and deadly Winterstorms of The Skels, treading where others would never dare, and are a range 1 specialization, with a few range 2 cards.

Everything is a tool to a Survivalist. Whether a card be in hand or in discard, it can be used to their advantage. Scrappy and resilient, Survivalists are frequently the underdog that keeps coming back for more, turning sure defeat to stunning victory.

Most cards in the Survivalist arsenal have an additional effect when they are sent to discard. When played or discarded via Persevere, the discard effect will occur–setting an enemy off balance, dealing additional damage, or slipping out of harm’s reach.

Most Survivalist cards have an additional effect when they are sent to the discard.

Drawing inspiration from both Druid and Warrior, Survivalists have a focus on gaining value from cards in their discard as well as being strong fighters in close range combat. They are able to interact at ranges 1 and 2 more effectively than either Druid or Warrior, while encompassing fighting techniques from both. 

Survivalists excel at avoidance–moving out of range from a foe’s largest attack, applying Control at the perfect time, and staying just out of reach of death’s icy touch. Once the enemy has exhausted their options, the wily Survivalist goes in for the kill.

Javelin Throw can be discarded by Persevere to Disarm an enemy at instant speed, potentially Meta-Countering an important card.

Masters of the wild’s bounty, Survivalists mix berries, nuts and herbs to create healing tonics for themselves and their allies. Along with other minor traits, Survivalists are jacks of all trades.

Many Survivalists hide various traps, pitfalls and caches for themselves and their kin to find in dire circumstances. These items can be placed by a Survivalist upon the battlefield, then reclaimed for various boons.

Pitfalls are a unique fighting style used by Survivalists, indicative of their scrappy playstyle.

Great treasure, beautiful skylines and grand adventure await those courageous and foolhardy enough to seek them in The Skels. Climb the tallest peaks and brave the biting storms as the Survivalist!

Grab a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Specialization!

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