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Manifest Reveal

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Kayla was miles from the nearest road, deep within the recesses of an unnamed forest. Her feet were sticky with blood, and the dehydration made it feel like a giant had her head in his clutches. To sleep would have been to invite death, so instead she kept running the whole night through. It should have been enough to escape her pursuer.

It wasn’t. Even now she could hear the crunching of snow beneath black boots. She assumed he was using magic to keep up with her own supernatural pace, and even that was wearing thin.

It’s been hours, a voice said within her. If we were going to escape, we would have. There is only one option.

“I know,” Kayla whispered back. “But I’m scared, Liath.”

I am too, but we can’t let that stop us from doing what we must.

Unison by Septimius Ferdian

Kayla braced herself against a tree to catch her breath. Behind her, the footsteps slowed, and she heard the sound of a weapon being drawn.

Put on a brave face, never let your enemy see your fear, Liath said.

Kayla knew her partner was right, she turned and forced herself to smile at her potential murderer.

“Come all this way for me?”

“Aye, you made me work for it, I’ll give you that,” the man replied between huffs. “You’ll pay dearly for the effort.”

“I don’t think you understand the situation,” Kayla said, her eyes flashing white-blue. “You’re outnumbered.”

Behind her, a white light emerged and solidified into humanoid form. When she manifested herself, Liath borrowed Kayla’s appearence, and now there were two young women, sharing the same ponytail, wide nose, and large eyes. A surge of energy rushed through Kayla’s body and gave her weary mind the jolt it needed to focus at the task before her.

The man charged, and power arced between the woman’s fingertips, white lightning wrapping around her digits. She knew Liath would give her the power she needed, and so she held nothing back as she focused her mind on a single word: an idea that would give the maelstrom within a form.


The ground before her was reduced to rubble as a shockwave of energy soared towards her attacker. He could only cover his head with his arms as the blast threw him backwards at a blistering speed.

Cast Away by Cynthia F.G.

To think we were afraid, Liath remarked inside Kayla’s mind. The forest behind the man was thick, and he didn’t go far before colliding with a tree with a wet thud that splintered the bark. His body bounced and rolled onto the ground, revealing a sizable divot in the tree.

Liath’s physical form began to fade, the light dimming and her extremities turning to fine dust as she reentered Kayla’s body. Kayla sighed and began her long walk back to the road, wincing as she stepped.

Behind her, she heard the sound of the man groaning in pain. Surprised, she turned and saw him attempting to stand, one arm horrifically bent and blood covering his face.

“Stay down,” she said as she snapped her fingers.

Liath reacted to the cue, and reached out to touch the man’s spirit. Deep inside, Liath found the man’s will to fight, and with a surge of power, she snuffed it.

Silently, the man slumped to the ground, and Kayla continued on her way.

Cast Away by Cynthia F.G.


Manifest is a white class and are those who allow eauath, spirits who reside within Winter Crystal, to inhabit their body. Through powerful Crystal Focuses which hover around the Manifest, these eauath can interact with the spirits of others, grant immense power to their partners, and even briefly manifest themselves in order to interact with the physical world. As one of the two range 3 classes, Manifest offer unparalleled options for interacting with your opponents on your terms.

Relying on their eauath companion to fuel them, Manifests can generate more power than any other class, either in small amounts passively, or a large amount in one turn. This, alongside their suite of meta-counters and other control, makes them ideal as a supporting class.

Many Manifest cards can additionally be used to support your allies.

A key focus point of the Manifest is their restorative potential. Healing allows you to effectively negate part or all of an opponent’s attack, and makes Manifests deceptively durable. When possible, healing at instant speed can throw off an opponent’s entire turn as they struggle to account for the increase in health, and Manifests are able to heal while also interacting with their opponents.

A range 3 'Counter' card can be devastating for your opponent. Catch them while they're off-guard!

Sometimes, the eauath isn’t content to simply fuel the Manifest’s attacks and defenses. When this happens, they can create physical forms for themselves that allow them to briefly interact with the world. These physical forms can catch opponents off guard with attacks from directions they weren’t accounting for, and allow the Manifest to strike from even further away than normal.

A Projection at the right time can turn the tide of any battle!

Find inner strength as the Manifest!

Grab a copy of Winterstorm to play this Class!

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