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Giant Reveal

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

They stood among the pines. Two dozen Giants, most reaching three times the height of a man, clan elders and prominent figures. Every year they met here to discuss the changes in the Skels, and this meeting was dire.

“Something must be done,” Tholgrim bemoaned. “Huntsmen took three of my clan this week.”

“The humans are not honoring the agreements.”

“I’ve heard that any settlements hosting Giants are being denied supplies.”

“At a time like this? Barbaric!”

“The last settlement I visited was razed, I barely managed to flee.”

Debris by Dario Marzadori

Individuals were drowned out in a flood of outraged cries and agreement, but none offered solutions. The wisest Giants kept silent.

“What would you suggest, Halveld?” Another Giant asked, addressing the oldest and tallest amongst them.

Halveld swallowed the branch he was chewing on. “We must go deeper into the wilds, where they cannot follow.”

Outraged cries battled against calls for peace, and the resulting cacophony deafened all their ears.

A laugh began, and slowly the voices all submitted to the bellowing guffaw echoing through the trees.

A Giant appeared, clad in heavy mail and brandishing a sword as tall as two men.

“Look at you all, you cower in forests from men half your size, and your solution is to run deeper into the woods,” he spat. “Pathetic.”

“Aesyr Avengard,” Halveld growled, vitriol on his breath. “Why are you here?”

“Because no one else will be the voice of reason. Huntsmen came for me as well, Tholgrim,” Aesyr said as he turned to face the Giant, orange hair whipping about. “But I didn’t let them have their way. No, they’ll never bother any of us again.”

Smash by Septimius Ferdian

“As always, your bluster is legendary,” Harveld said. “But you’re mad if you think it will sway us.”

“Oh, it’s not just bluster, you sad, old coward. The winter will only get worse, and you’re a fool if you think running deeper into the forest is how we stay alive. Look at their recent actions, they don’t want peace, they want slaughter. We are less than human to them. Let’s show them how wrong they are!”

The Giants roared in agreement and Aesyr lifted his blade high and roared with them.

“If they want a slaughter, then a slaughter they shall have!”

Giantskin by Dimas Pamungkas


Giants are a Red Class, and are men born infused with great height and girth. Their heritage blesses them with enormous size and strength, and they quickly outgrow their fellow men to reach heights of ten to twenty feet.

Ostracized by humans, Giants are forced to live in the wilds away from civilization. While they sometimes form small clans in order to survive the Winter, many are solitary creatures living off the land.

Despite their fearsome bulk, Giants are normally passive entities who tend to keep to themselves. However, should it be necessary, they fight back with overwhelming force.

Their bodies are their greatest weapons, and they know it. When they fight they flail about with arms the size of tree trunks, shattering the ground with each step. As a class, they focus on Difficult Terrain, wrecking the battlefield and forcing their opponent to scurry like rodents.

Giants have numerous means to obliterate the land around them.

In addition to their own bodies, Giants use their environment to devastating effect. Most of the damage caused by a Giant is collateral, hurling trees and boulders at their enemies. Creating Difficult Terrain can turn on extremely powerful cards such as Timber.

Timber is rangeless, allowing it to be played from anywhere.

Their attacks are large and slow, and they deal extraordinary amounts of damage for their resource cost. They often have high action costs and generate similarly high amounts of power.

However, many of them come with the Hardcast keyword, which means there’s a bit of a wind-up time. Smart opponents may try to flee, but if they ever get too close, it could be a fatal mistake.

There's no coming back from some Giant attacks.

Shatter the land itself as the Giant!

Snag a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Class!

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