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Apr 22, 2019
In General
This past Saturday, April the 20th, I had the opportunity to host the first Ivion tournament on Discord with the new Calbria expansion on Tabletop Simulator. The tournament took a grueling 8 hours to finish, and a pretty good turn out with 9 people making it out. There was quite a lot of variety to see between the specializations, 4 out of the 9 people brought the new Calbrian Specialization: Invoker. I guess the explosiveness of Invoker was an attractive play style for people to bring to the tournament. Some of the spiciest decks that I've seen was one from the user on Discord "Aldenwar" who brought his Invoker which ran apotheosis and raze to try and play a raze for free using his ultimate. He surprisingly did it a couple of times throughout the tournament. One of the other decks I was impressed with was the user "CriticalMaus" and the new Calbrian Specialization: Illusionist, which had slash of yore to bring back his ego shocks in part with Illusionists ultimate "confuse" to counter players cards which made it really hard to get anything through against the Illusionist. This was my first tournament which I had fun hosting and organizing, but I noticed some problems that came up during the tournament, one of them being that it took way too long. Each player had to have 2 decks and they had to win with both of those decks to win the set, then they would advance in the bracket. However, some of the tournament sets took way too long. To add on top of that there was also a losers bracket, so if you lost at any point during the winner's bracket you were put in a separate bracket and you could advance through that one. All of these things added up to the time being a total of 8 hours.I am looking into making another tournament for the discord and I promise this one won't be as long as the last one took. I would be happy to receive feedback from others, so if you would like to leave a suggestion you can contact me via Discord (my username on Discord is "Norse") or leave a comment in this thread. As of now I'm looking into the change to make set's best of 1 win and people would only have to bring 1 deck instead of 2. I'm thinking this change would cut tournament time in half, but if anyone has any other suggestions for me I would like to hear them. Thanks for everyone coming out to the tournament, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and seeing everyone playing and having fun was a real treat for me to watch. It makes me hopeful for the future of this beautiful game. Here is a link to the bracket - A link to vote for what you would like to see in the next Ivion tournament - If you would like to be able to join the next Ivion tournament, make sure to check out the Discord. I’ll be posting updates on there. Here is a link to the Discord -


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