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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Knights are the second White Class in Ivion, from the Calbria expansion. They primarily focus on powerful range 1 damage, becoming Chivalrous, and gaining Relics.

What does it mean to be a Knight in Calbria?

It means to adhere to justice, sometimes beyond reason. It means to push oneself past fear and temptation to represent good. It means to suffer no evil and to fight fairly. It means to be Chivalrous.

But what does that mean in Ivion?

Chivalry is a new keyword mechanic in Calbria associated with Knights and their Specializations.

Cards in Knight and other archetypes will cause you to become Chivalrous. Once you become Chivalrous, you take the Chivalry token from the token pool and place it in front of you.

While you're Chivalrous, your opponent will know that you may avoid performing certain game actions.

While you are Chivalrous, at the start of your turn, you heal 2 HP. This will last permanently—and provide a massive bonus over the course of the game—as long as you adhere to three strict and specific rules.

  • Thou shalt not play cards targeting a Controlled enemy. To do so would be to sully thy good name and relinquish the grace of The Lady.

  • Thou shalt not play cards during an enemy's turn. To do so would be to invite disgrace and dishonor.

  • Thou shalt not willingly leave a tile near an enemy. To do so would be to leave a battle unfinished, and such is not the way.

To follow the path of Chivalry is no easy task. If any of these three rules are broken by you at any time while you are Chivalrous, you will immediately lose the Chivalry token and forfeit the rewards it offers. And there are greater rewards than simply gaining hit points—there are Relics to be gained by those pure of heart!

There are many ways to become Chivalrous, and ways to regain it if you've gone back on your word.

Once you've proclaimed your oaths to the world, it is time for battle to commence! As a Knight, you'll need to reach your enemy at range 1 before you can begin playing your powerful attacks. And in Calbria, it's important to be able to choose where combat occurs. As a Chivalrous Knight, you'll need your opponent right where they should be, as you'll be honor-bound to remain in the fray once battle begins.

It seems the folk of all Ivion cannot resist a good challenge.

With Throw the Gauntlet, you can position yourself and your foe, avoiding their pesky tile cards that may deal significant damage to you otherwise. Or perhaps you'd like to bring them close for your own tile cards?

Another major aspect that defines a Knight in Calbria is punishing your enemies that do not adhere to the code. They may not be Chivalrous nor ever intend to be, but that does not mean that evil will go unpunished by your blessed blade.

Keep your opponent on their toes. Never give them a moment to think that they've escaped your wrath!

With every time they attempt to stymie your assault, they may face the iron hand of Justice. It will be up to them whether they think it is in your hand, but as long as you're a Knight, its threat will always be looming above their head.

Oftentimes, its worth playing simply for the substantial damage. However, justice has never tasted so sweet as when they think they've won with their dishonorable tricks, and you come back with a vengeance!

Knights have very few tricks of their own. They focus on winning in melee combat with heavy weapon strikes and unconquerable defenses. Even a Giant or Warrior from The Skels would find themselves a worthy opponent in a trained Knight. In Calbria, however, none can stand against the Knights in a true battle.

Chivalry is not the Knight's only claim to fame. There are Relics hidden throughout the land, waiting to be uncovered and reclaimed by those worthy of their boons. These Relics are immensely powerful, offering game-changing benefits like smiting your foe with holy retribution, wielding a blade long thought lost to the ages, or drinking from a chalice that grants eternal life...

Relics, like Chivalry, can be gained in different ways. Each method requires a substantial amount of effort.

Who can wield these legendary artifacts? What do these Relics do? That is a story for another day.

Play as the valiant and chivalrous Knight in Ivion, the Herocrafting Card Game!

You can find Ivion on Kickstarter September 1st, 2020. Scroll down to subscribe to more updates!

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