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Calbrian Class Cards

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Knight, Sorcerer, and Wizard all have their own means of battling in Calbria. Let's take a deeper look at some of their options!

You'll need a brutal turn to press the assault.

In the right deck, this card can draw a tremendous number of cards, and even combo into itself. If you're crafting a hero that aims to play a lot of small attacks instead of larger ones, Clean Thy Blade is a must have.

However, the Attack cards we've seen in Knight so far cost 2 Actions, and don't synergize particularly well with Clean Thy Blade. We'll need some more scrappy options to truly utilize the potential card draw.

There is nary a companion more trustworthy than good 'ol Daring Strike.

What's not to like about this card? It's Heroic, rendering it extremely difficult to suppress. It can help you escape Control from a pesky Wizard or explosive Sorcerer, and it's a constant reminder for your foe to refrain from holding up Resources to interact with your Chivalrous turn. All around, this card is a fantastic bread and butter Attack card for Knight.

If you'd prefer not to spend multiple actions to play your attacks as a Knight, this is the card for you.

This card is a great example to talk about the design of Ivion.

In many ways, Realization is simply more powerful than For the King.

For the King compared to Realization isn't all that great. Realization doesn't cost a Power, and may reduce the cost of any card by 1. So why would you play For the King?

The answer is that For the King is in a different Class. Manifest doesn't have access to many cards it can use with Realization to truly benefit from its strength, whereas Knight has multiple Attack cards that cost 2 actions that you can use with For the King. When crafting a Knight and taking For the King, you have the ability to take another Class and a Specialization that can benefit from the card, but Knight is also providing multiple options to render For the King a compelling play.

When we consider balance between Classes and Specializations in Ivion, it isn't strictly on a direct card to card basis. Where a card is positioned in the grand scheme of the game is also tremendously important.

Next up—Oathstone. One of Knight's greatest tools in controlling the board and suppressing their foe on an axis they seldom have access to. Who can commit such heinous acts when in the presence of such venerated history?

In the lore of Ivion, Oathstones are large rock structures that are erected as gravesites for Saints that have left to join the Lady. An epitaph of their adventures and teachings are etched into the stone so that travelling Knights may visit these sites and continue their quest in learning what it truly means to be honorable.

Aside from being respected, these sites also hold magical properties and are theorized by Wizards to connect to the Ley.

One of Sorcerer's most important build around cards.

Forcing discard was an uncommon effect in Winterstorm. However, in Calbria, many heroes have the ability to force their opponent to discard a substantial amount of cards. Ashes to Ashes is the perfect card to take if you're planning on winning the card advantage game, and dealing damage while you're at it!

For every exciting and unique card, Classes need access to more simple cards.

Despite all the uniqueness we have imbued into Calbria, there must be cards that simply fulfill a basic purpose, and Enfeeble does just that. It isn't trying to do anything fancy—it is a card to accomplish a basic task. It is designed to help teach new players about control, and to provide a simple option for Sorcerers to deal damage.

It isn't all bland, though. Cripple has proven to be an incredible and historic card in Ivion, and Enfeeble is now bringing that to a ranged space. Who knows how that will affect the emerging meta game?

You've got to be right livid to stop someone in their tracks with a glare. Or maybe a little magical.

We avoid printing Instant cards that cost no Resources to play, so players always know that if your foe has no Resources, you don't have to worry about them responding. However, you know the drill—rules are meant to be broken! Sort of.

You'll still need to telegraph Resources to your foe to play Glare, but you won't be set back any Resources as long as it resolves. Glare is great for protecting your big finisher, or preventing them from running. It generally fills an offensive role in a particularly offensive Class.

Spending an Action to Disarm 2 isn't great. But additionally discarding a card? Not bad.

It works with Ashes to Ashes, and it's pretty mean. And using the Ley to crush a Knight with magical power is always worth it (they deserve it, the pretentious twats).

What kind of crazy stuff can you do with this card? That's for you to find out!

It's always important for some cards to be very open ended, and Arcane Lock is just that. There are a lot of ways to utilize this card, from generating simple value to protecting your most important card. How you use it is up to you, and there are a lot of methods. It also pairs quite nicely with Witch!

A simple spell for a simple Wizard!

It doesn't give you an Initiative, but you'll have to work a little harder than that to get those precious Initiative tokens. Despite this, Spellsling is a great card for crafting a more blast-y Wizard.

A Skelander wouldn't know what to do with themselves if presented with this kind of magic.

Who doesn't want to fling their foe around the battlefield? As a Wizard, you'll have power over all aspects of arcanomancy. Use your knowledge to bring them in range as a more 'battlemage' style hero, or keep them away as a true spellcaster would!

Sometimes, the most unassuming cards become the most influential to a game.

While Disarm 1 isn't the most powerful of effects in certain contexts, in this instance, it is far from weak. Being able to Meta-Counter an Attack at almost any Range for minimal investment is a powerful tool to have.

We hope you've enjoyed this reveal of new Class cards coming. Remember to check out our Kickstarter coming September 1st, 2020!

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