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Archmage | Mechanics

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Archmages are the Calbrian blue specialization. They are widely renowned as some of the most competent and knowledgable mages in all of Ivion.

In each Calbrian town and city, the Academy has a presence. Pupils learn from those that have mastered magic long ago, the Archmages. Each of these eccentric professionals has studied the Ley for decades, honing their command of the magic it provides. They are capable of wondrous displays of magic, turning humans to chickens or to dust.

As an Archmage, power is no obstacle. It is always at your beck and call.

In areas where others struggle, Archmages treat as child's play. As an Archmage, you can fill your deck with high power costing cards unlike many other specializations, as you don't have to worry about the repercussions of drawing too many of them. Making a powerful deck has never been so easy!

While it doesn't require or enable any specific combinations of cards, it allows for a great deal of freedom while crafting your hero. Experiment with things that have previously been difficult to play with near limitless power at your disposal.

But what can you spend on the significant amount of power you'll be generating?

A tried and true favorite of some of the most well respected scholars in Calbria.

Sometimes, it's just as important to send a message as it is to achieve a practical goal. Polymorph can shutdown an offense very quickly in the right circumstances, especially at range 3. For other specializations, the power cost may have been a problem—but not for Archmages.

The one and only. And with Spellbook, you too, fledgling practitioner of magic, can cast this spell!

In Ivion, it is a design goal to ensure that there is counter play with every card. Generally, with Counter cards, this manifests in the form of the chance for your foe to pay to play their card anyways. However, Counterspell proper gives no such luxury.

It is still possible to Meta-Counter Counterspell by Slowing or Silencing the Archmage, but it is difficult to leave their range. There are few cards that have as much sheer control as this one does.

Archmages always have another trick up their sleeves.

Where would the Archmage be without participating in the Cantrip madness? Alter allows them the means to generate additional Initiatives during their turn, and at the measly cost of 2 power.

Sometimes, its very enticing to gain the Initiative instead of Destroying a card, but watch out! There are more than enough dangers worthy of being Destroyed in Calbria.

It doesn't have Cantrip, but it's in the same spirit. Spend your Initiatives for a big pay-off!

Most cards with Cantrip have minor effects. Arcane Barrage has a minor effect as well, but it allows you to craft a hero that stores up a substantial amount for a big burst of damage and Control. Alternatively, simply play it as a simple, solid Attack.

But what if you want more of... everything?

For those times when one Cosmic Blast just isn't enough.

If you're worried that your foe will Counter your best Attack, protect it with Spellsurge. If you want to play a good card twice to make it insane, Spellsurge has you covered. If all you need is one more Attack to win the game, copy it with Spellsurge.

What kind of nonsensical tomfoolery will you wish for?

Archmages can adopt a multitude of roles due to their ability to generate power at will. They can opt to control the game by playing a high number of Counters and Meta-Counters with their substantial power pool, or they can aggressively sling spells to their heart's desire. No matter which path you take, you'll be sure to dominate the battlefield with your astounding displays of arcane mastery!

Play as the astute and revered Archmage in Ivion, the Herocrafting Card Game!

You can find Calbria on Kickstarter, September 1st, 2020. Scroll down to subscribe to more updates!

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