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Welcome to Calbria

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Ivion is a 1v1 or 2v2 dueling card game where players represent valiant characters on a grid based field of battle. Each card in your deck is a masterful strike, a powerful spell, or a cunning counter. The goal is to reduce your foe's life to 0. Gameplay is fast-paced, brutal, and immensely satisfying.


"A squire wears his oaths as chains. A Knight wears his oaths as chainmail."

— Calbrian Proverb

There is a kingdom far beyond the reaches of The Skelic archipelago, where the Winter is merely a legend that drunken bards spout in the wee hours of the morn. A realm where white doves fly high above monumental castles made of glory and stone. One of the crown jewels in all of the continent of Valion.


Quest by Wasan Techawibulchai

Squires woo maidens in the castle gardens of lords and barons. Knights train under the guidance of their Knightly Chapter, studying the Crescent Chronicles and learning of the Six Saints. Ne'er-do-wells hide in wait along the forest roads for the unwary traveler. The peasant folk till the land in their humble hamlets, waiting for adventure to sweep them off their feet. Students learn of magic and the Ley Lines in the magnificent Academy, hoping to gain fame and power.

The sun shines brightly in the cool, autumnal sky, watching over the enchanted forests of the realm. Who knows what secrets are hidden within those armies of oak?

Boon by Septimius Ferdian

And yet, through the gleaming skies and piercing optimism, shadows seep in through the darkest corners of the realm. Vile magic is practiced within the Kingswood, draining the Ley Lines of their strength. King Roderic and his Ashen Fyrd are away, fighting in a war against neighboring kingdoms. Dragons make their homes in mountain passes, hoarding relics and prized possessions of the nobility. But what does that mean to a Calbrian? Simply more glory to be won.

Cry Havoc by Wasan Techawibulchai

Calbria is a place where duty to king and country rise above all. A place where no man reigns above the King of the Realm. But The Lady is no man. Mysterious and vague, She lies somewhere between goddess and guardian spirit. She appears before Knights to set them upon great quests, to grant boons and artifacts, or in a time of dire need. Few ever see The Lady, and even fewer understand her existence. And yet, those in the Academy do their best to decipher her signs...

There is much more to this land still shrouded in mystery. More that dwell in the courts, scheming and plotting the downfall of nobles and Knights alike. More that carry their blade with pride, smiting evil wherever it lurks. More that study the inner workings of magic and the fabric of Ivion itself, weaving it to their will. And they shall be revealed, in time.

So, welcome to Calbria. Choose your heraldry. Don your armor. Steel your heart.

Here, we do not cower in fear, nor curse the gods.

We serve the king.

We honor The Lady.

And above all,

We reach for glory.



The Knight is the first of three new Classes in Calbria. It is a range 1 White Class. They focus on staying within melee range as much as possible to deal tremendous amounts of damage. However, they limit themselves with the oaths they take, becoming Chivalrous. While Chivalrous, you must adhere to strict code of conduct, but will reap the rewards if you can stay honorable in the midst of battle. They also search for Relics throughout the game, a new card type. Relics provide extremely powerful bonuses, sometimes immediately, and other times persisting throughout the game.

In-depth lore and mechanics about the Knight and more Classes and Specializations will be revealed on a weekly basis leading up to our Kickstarter. Stay tuned!


Classes in Calbria will each have 20 unique cards, two associated Specializations, and all new Traits. They can also be combined with Winterstorm Classes and Specializations for an absurd number of options, play styles, and creative freedom. Overall, Calbria will add over 160 new cards to the game, a new Terrain type called Enchanted Terrain, and a myriad of component improvements to make Calbria the best Ivion experience yet.

A full, open beta will be provided on Tabletop Simulator on a date to be announced. We'll need your feedback to refine the set to its final state! For those that do not wish to play on Tabletop Simulator, a print and play of select demo decks will also be made available.

There's a lot more information that we'll be churning out in the coming months. We're ecstatic to finally unveil what we've been working on, and can't wait to share more details with you!

Have something to say? Any questions to ask? Feel free to post below, canter on over to the forum post, or start a discussion in our Discord!

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