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Hello, Ivion players!

I've been hard at work on our new site, and its coming along nicely. There are a lot more features that I'm interested in adding, though. If there are links that don't currently work, or a mention in a post that something will be added soon, don't fret! I'm probably working around the clock on making it happen. Things slip through the cracks, though, so please let me know if you find something out of place by posting below or on the forum post of this blog entry.

There is a lot of cool features that I'd like to add to the site, so I'm going to lay out a part roadmap, part brainstorm below!

First of all, I have some shorter term goals that I'm looking to accomplish.

Media Page

A vault where you can download the rulebook, print and play starter decks, links to our Tabletop Simulator content, wallpapers, and other download related things we come up with.

Learn More

A way to introduce new arrivals to the website that assumes they've never seen or heard anything about Ivion before. Provide more easily accessible information about the game to get them started. Also, add starter decks, and more useful information on the forums for folks to get started playing faster and more easily.

Mobile Support

Currently, the website may look a little funky while viewing it on a mobile device. I need to edit the layouts and make sure that things look good on your phone!

After that, I have some bigger projects I'd like to tackle.

Card Database

Ivion is an expandable card game! It should have all the cards easily viewable online!


The next logical step to me would be to have website deckbuilding functionality linked to the card database. This is a big project, but would be fantastic. Especially if we could connect it with your forum account so you can save decks, post deck links in the forums, and potentially the Discord as well.

Store Locator

This is more on the business side of things, but it would be nice to integrate a store locator into our website where you can see what friendly local game store carries copies near you. This feature would also include a form for individuals to fill out and send to their FLGS to ask them to carry the game, and a form for retailers to fill out to carry our product.


If you have an idea, please post below or on the forum thread! I'm sure there are plenty of things that would be great for the site that I am neglecting to mention. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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