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Wilder Reveal

“Oh, I’ve got a story for you all right. It’s a story that will keep you awake the whole night, quaking in your little boots. Tell me, children, have you heard of the Dread of the Unnamed Forest?”

Mend by Wadim Kashin

Around him, eyes grew wider, and the children leaned closer as Oluf told his tale. Dusk had begun to set, and they had just finished gathering loose twigs and branches for the campfire.

“Somewhere in the Skels there lies a forest, as vast as they come, with trees so tall the snow never even reaches the ground. It’s said that this forest would be a paradise, but no one has ever been able to find it and return alive.”

“Why not?” One of the children asked.

“Because,” Oluf paused for dramatic effect, and the wind rustled the branches. “It is the domain of a Wilder. Now, this Wilder isn’t like any others, it doesn’t just hate the Winter, it despises everything. It’s become so twisted by its madness that any who trespass upon its territory are seen as enemies, and it has had centuries to spread it roots. It’s become so entwined with this secret forest that it can detect if even a single twig has been broken by an intruder. Legend has it that this Wilder has a sick sense of humor, and prefers to strike only when its victims are terrified.”

Thrash by Wojtek Depczynski

Oluf met each child’s gaze and then feigned horror, “you know, now that I look closer, the trees around here are much taller than any I’ve seen before. Do you think it’s possible we may have wandered off the path, into a place we aren’t supposed to be?”

Panicked whispers began to dance through the night air, and Oluf prepared for the finale.

Oluf sighed, and shrugged. “I suppose there’s only one way to find out,” he said as he grabbed a piece of kindling and snapped it in half.

The children screamed, and the camp was silent.

He burst into a loud guffaw, and one by one the children joined in, their laughter echoing through the trees.

The forest laughed too, and the camp was forever silent.

Thornspread by Dario Marzadori


Wilders are a Green Specialization. They are guardians of the woodlands and overgrowth of The Skels, viciously defending their realms from outside influence.

Unlike most Specializations, Wilder’s Ultimate significantly changes how they interact with the game. They may only target enemies that are within Terrain. Because of this, they must put many cards in their deck to create Difficult Terrain and spread undergrowth across the battlefield. Once they have covered the board in twisted thorns, they can target enemies regardless of how far away they are, their bramblevines bursting from any direction at any moment.

Wilders have a unique play style that fundamentally alters how they interact in Ivion.

As the battle rages on, the board will be consumed by Difficult Terrain of a Wilder. Difficult Terrain requires more resources to move in to for all players. Wilders are content to stay in one place, preferring to push, shove and knock their enemies away rather than fleeing themselves. In this way, they force their foe to deal with the spreading growth of the forest.

Once the Wilder is safe and the enemy far away, they lash out with bramble and vine. With essentially limitless range, Wilders strike with ruthless efficiency, ending their opponent in a writhing flurry of earthen wrath. Or, for Kickstarter backers, berries:

This card has a story! Check out the Reddit post by clicking the image.

Other Wilders prefer a more indirect approach, or combine the two styles. Because of their massive range, they can afford to bleed their prey slowly. Once an enemy is lost among the thickets, leave them to the forest itself. Beyond the civilized walls of the Skelsfolk, wicked thorns and misty pines abound. Those that tread upon these grounds are due a slow, unsettling death.

Few are safe in the woods of a Wilder.

Spread your domain and cast out the trespasser as the Wilder!

Grab a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Specialization!

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