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Huntsman Reveal

Geir had first struck his prey two hours ago. Now the sun had sunken behind the hills and his prey had fled into the forest. It was a foolish decision, trying to find sanctuary in Geir’s domain. There was no moon tonight, and clouds blocked the stars, a sign of a coming snowstorm. It was a reminder of why he was out hunting, an attempt to end the Winter no matter the cost. Geir focused his magic into his eyes, two wispy, forest green dots amidst the shadowed branches. His world lit up like it was painted with green torchlight. At his feet, the small droplets of blood he had been tracking radiated bright, green light. His prey was close.

Runesight by Wadim Kashin

He moved like a wisp, only making noise when it suited him. The rustle of a snow-laden branch here, a broken twig there, just enough to let his prey know he was closing in. Fear was a formidable weapon in a Huntsman’s arsenal, if utilized properly. He neared a clearing and snapped a twig underfoot, eliciting a gasp from near the clearing’s edge. Geir pulled out his axes, the inky Winter Crystal flickering with hints of green. Soon, the hunt would be over.

Rune of Decay by Wojtek Depczynski

Geir found his prey crawling on the ground, desperately trying to enter the cover of the treeline. Faint wisps of green energy curled from black runes etched on the man’s thigh, surrounding a gaping wound. The Gravebringer Runes were taking their toll. It was ancient and powerful runework which muddled the mouth and mind, making magic nigh impossible to use. Geir grabbed the man’s shoulder and flipped him over. A spray of frigid slush drenched his leathers. No doubt it was a last ditch attempt to end him in a shower of sharpened hail, but the Gravebringer Rune had nullified the once potent magic. Geir raised his axe and the man slurred, “Why?”

Geir looked the Cryomancer in the eye, and sunk his axe into his chest. “Because the Winter cannot bleed, but the man that wields it can.”

Runic Slaughter by Wojtek Depczynski


Huntsmen are a Black and Green Specialization. They hunt practitioners of Winter magic, stamping out its influence across The Skels. 

Huntsmen are quick attackers, burying their foe in a flurry of blows. With each new strike comes more control, further disabling their ability to fight back. Armed with twin crystal axes, Huntsman are terrifying predators that force their enemies to react against their brutal onslaught. No Cryomancer or Watcher is safe to stand back and let the battle flow naturally while a Huntsman is upon them.

Huntsman attacks are cheap and sometimes even free, unlike most Specializations.

The Huntsman’s playstyle is not content with allowing their foe to carry out their strategy unopposed. Each card in their arsenal is a calculated assault against their enemies hand as well as their hit points.

Whether it be an overwhelming amount of control, an alarming amount of damage or forced discard, Huntsmen jar and disrupt to leave their opponent staggered until they collapse under the pressure.

No aspect of your opponent's plan is safe as a Huntsman.

Huntsmen are masters of pressing the advantage. When they have already debilitated their foe with either Slow, Silence or Disarm, (control, collectively) they can further spread the affliction, playing cards to tailor the severity of control affecting the enemy to devastating effect.

There are few times where a Huntsman unleashes a burst of damage in a single turn. They spread their options outward, keeping the enemy down over the course of the game. Once a Huntsman is upon you, it is nearly impossible to cast them off. When a dreaded Huntsman descends upon the prey, few can stand against the brutal combination of consistent damage and control.

Consistent damage and overwhelming control is the Huntsman's combat style.

Save your people and your land by any means necessary as the Huntsman!

Grab a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Specialization!

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