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Druid Reveal

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

“We sow the seeds of tomorrow, planting peace wherever we walk. May the gods save whoever tries to stop us.”

The Winter is a curse, and we are not content to simply withstand its mighty storms. Vanoc has abandoned The Skels to the Winter, so we seek grace elsewhere. We have been blessed with the gift of Summer magic by Yore, the god of restoration, memories, and untouched nature, and given divine purpose: fight the Winter wherever we find it. To help us in this task, we carry with us the Seeds of Yore, immensely powerful magical seeds capable of sprouting whole forests when properly planted. The growth that springs forth from these mystic seeds is resistant to the Winter, and if enough seeds are planted in an area it is capable of dispelling the evil weather entirely, if only for a short time. These seeds have other uses aside from combating the winter, and are potent sources of healing magic. The gifts granted to us are rare, and the work we do holds us in high esteem with all in The Skels, human and giant alike.

Brambleroots by Wojtek Depczynski

Our magic is not limited to these seeds. In times of peril, we are able to manipulate the growth we create, using roots and brambles to subdue any who would stop our mission. In addition to wielding the very world around us as a weapon, we can also utilize Yore’s blessing to empower our weapons. They crackle with green energy so powerful our slashes leave emerald arcs in the air for moments after we strike, our axes the brushes of time. Some of the more powerful members of our order are able to tap into even deeper nature magic, calling forth memories of what the Skels used to be before the Winter laid claim to it. These memories of Yore are capable of warping reality itself, swallowing enemy spells and strikes and empowering our own weapons with swirling images of lush, beautiful landscapes.

Return to Myth by Wojtek Depczynski

As emissaries of Yore and bringers of peace, we are on good terms with all who dwell in the Skels. If asked to pick a side, the commonfolk in the Skels will choose us over any Cryomancer, Witch, or Manifest, regardless of the good they have done in their community. Our goal is to protect the denizens of the Skels by creating safe havens with our seeds, but we are more than capable of defending them and ourselves with more formidable magic if necessary. If we must enter the fray, our seeds form healing mists around us, our blades crackle with Summer magic, and the world and even reality bend to our will as we stride into battle.

We are the brushes of Yore, who wishes to repaint this world of blues and grays with vibrant greens; but sometimes, he chooses to paint with red.

Emerald Seed by Dario Marzadori


Druids are a Green Class. They embody nature, and a return to what once was.

Druids are nimble combatants that value efficiency above all else. Many of their cards employ Seek, a keyword that allows you to draw a card, and put another card into your discard. The Class has cards that return other cards from their discard back to their hand, allowing them to replay what they’ve done before. Finally, they are masters of Duration, a keyword that causes an effect to occur at the end of every turn over time. In Druid’s case, their Duration cards are used for healing themselves and their allies.

Druids practice a rhythm: play Seek cards, fill your discard with options, then bring the most important cards back at the perfect moment to close out the game. All the while, they sustain themselves with healing over time from Duration as they wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Druids are second only to Manifest with powerful utility options.

Armed with an arsenal of options, Druids have the right tool for every situation, even if said tools aren’t in their hand. Identify and pursue the path to victory–choose how to construct your hand based on the enemy you spar.

Druids are versatile fighters, capable of either relentlessly pursuing their foes, or keeping them as far away as possible. Whatever road a Druid takes, their enemies will not escape their grasp.

Druids have access to some of the few recursion cards in The Skels.

Druids can also fill a support role, either for themselves or their ally in a 2 versus 2 match. They have numerous healing over time cards, and ways to expedite the Duration process. Despite their seemingly innocuous nature, Druids are fearless upon the paths of war, just as able to protect as they are capable in the spilling of blood.

Druids control the flow of the game with powerful mid-range threats.

Save The Skels with axe and seed as the Druid!

Grab a copy of Winterstorm to play as this Class!

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