Calbrian Traits

With a new realm comes new attributes that your heroes will utilize to win battle after battle. Some define your hero's background, some define an aspect of their personality, and others simply grant them a powerful item!

There are multiple paths to fulfilling Quest. What kind of Terrain might there be in Calbria?

Gaining a Relic is not to be taken lightly. Each provides its own substantial bonus and changes the game as it enters the battle. With Quest, you can create a deck that focuses solely on creating and entering Terrain, solely on becoming Chivalrous, or a combination thereof. In Calbria, the valorous fulfill their duties and find hidden treasures in different ways!

It's not a terribly subtle approach, but it's certainly a way to make an entrance.

Next up, we have Unbound. This card is specific to the Unleash keyword, which is a new appearance in Calbria. While most Traits don't name specific mechanics, there are a few that synergize well with the new content available.

An Unleash deck is very power hungry, and while Unbound doesn't actually alleviate that problem, it helps make your finishers that much more bombastic. As a Sorcerer, you can never go too hard.

Triple color Traits are making a big return in Calbria!

Unlike Unbound, Prodigy can help you fulfill your Power requirements with any hero that is predominantly runs red archetypes. It also means that you can store more Power to play even bigger Unleash cards...

Or, hold up a Counter for your Raze, if you're into that sort of thing.

What kind of tricks can you pull by knowing the future? You'll have to show the world!

Wizards add a more nuanced approach to Ivion in their contributions to blue. Knowing what cards are coming can be a significant advantage, and knowing what cards not to take in a given situation is even better. It can also be used for more tricky goals, like ensuring that your Invoke or Inferno is going to be a big hit, or getting rid of a Survivalist card to get a bit of a boost.

There's a lot of fun stuff to be done with Crystal Ball. It's ripe for discovery!

Spellbook only requires a single blue pip for your hero. It doesn't take much to pick up a spellbook.

Spellbook sees an entrance of a new type of Trait in Ivion. These Traits alter how you build your deck by adding cards from unique archetypes, or changing the makeup of your deck before the game, or even during the game.

If you decide your hero needs to 'procure' a Spellbook before the game begins, make sure to craft them accordingly! You'll have some tools at your disposal that add a twist to the game.

If you're a fancy Wizard that likes playing Cantrip cards, getting lost in time and space is a stroke of luck.

Finding spare Initiative tokens on the board is useful in a multitude of ways. As a melee hero, you can use it to close the gap and minimize the Actions you spend to get to your foe. As a ranged hero, you can use it to rush away while keeping card advantage. As a Cantrip Wizard... you can build combos and do whacky stuff!

No matter which Traits your hero has, there's bound to be epic battles, wild swings, and even some mischief in each game of Calbria. Join us as we launch the Tabletop Simulator beta on February 6th, and for our Q2 2019 Kickstarter launch!